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Biography & Lifestyles

“Be Yourself and Love Each Other: Be Positive.” – Sophat Chann

Dr. Sophat Chann was born on 9th March, 1992 in Kampong Chhnang Province, Cambodia. He is a qualified and experienced Global businessman with a good entrepreneurship, strong leadership and commitment. He is also an independent researcher and musician. In 2017, he was established Sec Source Enterprise Ltd (Sec Source, Inc.) and its subsidiaries. After three years accomplishment in 2o19, he became the youngest chancellor. He was appointed as a chancellor of Sec Source University in 11st November, 2019. After that Sec Source Enterprise Ltd (Sec Source, Inc.) became Sec Source Group Limited in 2020.

Early Life

He was born in a small village of Kampong Chhnang Province Cambodia. His family has five members. His family is a doctor family excepted him and his mother. His mother is a shop owner. From early age; he loved music and created something meaningful to his life.


After he finished high school; In 2011, he became a member of Khmer Writers’ Association. During that time; he studied two degrees such as Management Information System (MIS) at Setec Institute and Financial and Banking at The Economics and Finance Institute (EFI) but after one year of his university life he suspended his Financial and Banking degree and replaced by Department of International Studies (DIS) at Institute of Foreign Languages (IFL). In 2015, He got a scholarship from Korean Government (KOICA) for Web Development & Innovation. He was also joint the specialization program of The Art of Music Production at Berklee College of Music and Master of Business Intelligence at Full Sail University in 2016. In 2020, he got his Doctor of Science from Sec Source University.


During his college life; he had the idea of creating a technology company name as Sec Source. After graduated he got his first job as Business Analyst at Manhattan and his second job was Research Executive at Indochina Research while he was also owning a company Sec Source Enterprise. After he left Indochina Research became a researcher in bank industry at The Association of Banks in Cambodia (ABC) but his main careers are Founder & CEO of Sec Source Enterprise and Chancellor of Sec Source University In early 2020, Sec Source Enterprise Ltd was became Sec Source Group Limited and Sophat Chann was officially voted as a Chairman of Sec Source Group Limited.

Personal Life

Sophat Chann is also a musician and writer. His music is known as MilkyWay Music. Most of the time; Sophat brought his small guitar, piano keyboard, camera, laptop and notebook to wherever he goes. Being a hopeless romantic; he believes love is everything, someone who has seen life as a story or music.

Books, Films, Social Media, Music

Sophat has written three books:

  • Bluecore Inside, was published in March 2017 by Sec Source University. It summarized the power of love and positivity by using simple things and ideas to revolutionize the world, living meaningful and happiness.
  • Starry Mind, was published in November 2018 by Sec Source University. It summarized the superpower of the mindset and neuroscience; how to see the world differently.
  • The Art of HOPIS was published in 2019 by Sec Source UniversityHOPIS is the art of being happy to be sad. The theory was defined by Sophat aimed to self-motivation and inspiration.
  • The Machine That Changed the World (miniseries) (2018)
  • The Virtual Revolution (2019)
Social media
  • In 2019, Sophat became a Bloomire Influencer.
  • Don’t Leave Me Alone Broken Wings (2016; CD MilkyWay Music and Live Pycel)
  • Only One Whisper to the Moon (2016; CD MilkyWay Music and Live Pycel)
  • Starry Sky Whisper to the Moon (2017; CD MilkyWay Music and Live Pycel)
  • Smell of Love Whisper to the Moon (2018; CD MilkyWay Music and Live Pycel)
  • True Love Whisper to the Moon (2018; CD MilkyWay Music and Live Pycel)
  • The Wind Whisper to the Moon (2018; CD MilkyWay Music and Live Pycel)
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