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Obviously, I had post this topic for a while; unfortunately, the database had lost, everthing was reset and I forgot backup.

Ok, I have four very very best friends during the studying at my MIS school, you can see in the featured¬† image. They are smart, love and polite. Actually,¬† I have many best friends but not all will stay only some are staying and connecting. From a day of my graduation ceremony; I was really happy but my parents, brother and sister not there. Cause I didn’t ask them for join this ceremony so it means they didn’t know too. The ceremony celebrated at Sofitel Hotel; from the morning, I met my really good friends and nob teachers after I never see them for a while. Actually; I forgot the name card on that day but the school had prepared another one for me, I love you school. There were a lot of flowers, gifts and people out there. You know SETEC is a school who focuses on only three important majors including; MIS ( Management Information Systems – Business Analysis + IT ), BIT (Business IT), Design. So there are not many students as others school but it was already thousands were waiting the ceremony and thousand batch of flowers from school.

Here are some pictures from the studying

A day of film shooting assigment

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