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Actually; in my life I’m rarely bored and always happy, fresh and romance cause my mind and heart have been filled by love I love to fight I love to learn I love to love and love everything but sometimes I’m just sad. Here are the top things that I do when I’m bored;

1, Musicit’s very important to me and my brain most all the times are covered by music even I don’t listen music. I love all kinds of music especially romantic or soul or sentimental, beat and so on. Anyway; I have two music instruments which most staying with me are guitar and piano. When I do listen or play music I always close my eyes and walk into music world so it means I’m living in another world. Ok, I know I’m very romantic almost everyday but cause of I’m living in two different worlds. So when I allow someone come to my world means they are every special.

2, Read for Happiness I love reading so when I’m bored I always look for searching whatever I want espcially I do learn about myself.

3, Travelling, Advanture I love travelling even it’s a kind of solo advanture but I always do. yeah; for me I have planned for my own trip such as weekly walk in Phnom Penh, monthly travel to outside Phnom Penh, semesterly I go abroad that it. Most of my trip I always bring my little boys and they are my guitar and canon eos 700d.

4, Dancingevery morning, evening I do dancing even while working I also do. It seems like crazy or just like a kid but I love it.

5, Movie, Animation, Cartoon, Comedy, Documentary, IQ or Funny Test I’m always looking for new cartoons, movies, animation, comedies, documentaries, IQ or funny tests and so on. My life is full of entertainment so I established one entertainment lab named PYCEL PRODUCTIONS with my two other best friends Savuth and Phannith. Pycel (Phe Sophannith – Yeun Savuth – Chann Sophat – Entertainment Lab) includes; short films, music, spots and so on.  It also has a family called Pycel family which allow all the members can compose their own short films and they will become a director for their own films.

6, Playing Game especailly; adventure or action games.

7, Designing, Painting, Photography, Film Making all of these I do when I’m free from work.

8, Writingyeah, I love writing cause most of times I see something in different ways so I need to write it down and it’s just my imagination only but sometimes I really don’t know where it comes from cause it appeared without imagine.

9, Cooking I love food everyone loves food too I know but not all like cooking right? for me I love cooking.

10, GardeningI love planting I love nature I always look for new plants to grow. I don’t care what kind of those plants but I just want to grow them.

11, Communicating I love meeting new people and talking with other people or freinds means all kinds of people.

12, Creating Something Unexpectedcreating is very interested for me even I don’t know how to create it but I just do.

13, Self-Talk, SelfieYeah, even I’m alone but I never feel alone I see myself just like another or other person, always debate on something by my own and selfie as well.

14, Learning New SkillsI always look for learning new things or new skills which I love for example; karate, nunchaku … etc.

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